Module 2 Overview

The short-term rental space is unique in that it is a real estate investment yet services the travel industry.  It is a business for your client so it’s important they understand the responsibilities involved and the different options they have in ownership and management of the business. 

In this module you will explore:

  • How to what works best for your clients in terms of types of home available
  • What makes a property successful in the STR market
  • How different models of rental work 
  • Types of property management models
  • The different business entities you client may choose

Module Outcomes

When you have finished this module you will be able to:

  1. Identify different types of vacation rentals in your location.
  2. Compare the benefits and features of each one.
  3. Compare short-term and long-term rental models.
  4. Review  a range of property management options.
  5. Explain different business entities.