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The Vacation Rental Industry is booming!!!

Despite being highly regulated and fast-paced,

Real Estate Agents are entering the market...

...without much, if any, previous experience.

Join the ranks of
Certified Vacation Rental Agents

CVRA (Certified Vacation Rental Agents) is a new digital training course that will educate and certify real estate agents around the rules, laws, regulations and best practices in the Vacation Rental Industry so agents can be working with real estate investors with confidence in all areas of the United States.

Erica Muller - CVRA

Hi Fellow Agents,

Hi! I am Erica Muller.

I started selling vacation rentals before Airbnb was even a thing. In my 20 years of selling real estate, I’ve mastered the niche of working with real estate investors looking to purchase income-producing properties.

After closing over 60M in sales volume in only STRs before they were mainstream I learned the secret sauce to analyzing and valuing these properties and scaled out a data and inventory company based around STR investing.

I’ve learned that there are less than 2% of agents nationwide that understand how to sell these types of properties and the rest are completely unqualified to work with savvy investors.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of investors pouring money into this sector of the real estate market every month.

I’m also a real estate investor having turned $500K into over $8M in real estate assets in just under 3.5 years. I know investment properties and I know how investors think.

I’ve created an entire learning academy for you to plug right into and I’m here to teach you everything I know on an ongoing basis so you can find massive success in the vacation rental niche working with investors!

Listen to what her real estate agent students say about her program:

EVERY AGENT she’s ever trained IN HER MARKET for the sake of working with her using the exact SAME TECHNIQUES in her course has gone on to become one of her

She got tired of her agents being so WELL TRAINED
they became her competitors.

Ultimately, she decided to just
share ALL her secrets and training with EVERYONE!

Nope, she’s not crazy. She’s really THAT good at this niche
and a legit vacation rental expert.

Not to mention a very genuine person.


…when there are other profitable types of real estate niches such as REO sales, luxury home sales or doing wholesale properties to investors, right?

Well, ultimately, it’s really up to you but if you ask me here’s my two cents on those above mentioned.

REO sales are great BUT…
Those deals are more work than agents understand in the beginning.

Working for funds and banks is more like having a job than working for yourself and if you’re doing it yourself (locating the properties) you will be spending all your time and money becoming a call center and needing to build a big expensive team to sustain that. 

But if that’s something you want, why not?

Luxury Home Sales are great BUT…
It’s a hard niche to break into because you’re dealing with people that are buying residential homes- a very tightly closed niche.

You often have to know people that know people to break into it or spend a ton of money to get started to make the kind of contacts you need to start selling those properties.

But if you’re up to the challenge, why not?

Wholesaling Properties are great BUT…
If you’ve built up a big enough database of investor clients already, the more reason to get involved in vacation rentals as those same investors will also consider a vacation rental product and will be going to another agent for that. 

You wouldn’t want that, right?

If you haven’t built up that investor client database on the other hand, then wholesaling can take years and a lot of money before you see a consistent income from it. 

So really…it’s your call.

But if you’ve heard the buzz about vacation rentals, you know it’s too hot a market to ignore.

Vacation rentals are the new gold standard
in real estate investing

This niche will be just as big as the short sale explosion in 2010/ 2011.

According to a Redfin analysis of mortgage application data from Optimal Blue, a real estate analytics firm, demand increased far more year over year for secondary homes than for primary homes.

Knight Frank’s The Intelligence Hub that provides global property market insight also shared that the second homes boom after the pandemic lockdown isn’t over as more buyers than ever have opted for the attractions of a second home.

Stats verify it…the second-home demand is enormous!
And as a real estate agent, what do you make out of it?

In reality, most agents are unaware let alone educated and trained of this in-demand niche. 

They are intimidated by a product they don’t fully understand so they either default to telling clients it’s a bad investment…

…or they fake it till they make it which usually ends up with pissed off clients and a bad investment.

Most agents don’t have a clue how to deal with things like financial proformas, calculate ROIs, sell properties for asset value on top of property value, speak the same language that vacation rental investors speak and deal with the new legalities of writing contracts with short term rental language.

They are unable to get the listings because they don’t know how to do income and asset valuations on properties as a business, not just a house.

They don’t even know how to generate these kinds of client leads to begin with.

Vacation rental investors NEED a certified vacation rental agent.

These investors need access to ACCURATE data and information quickly and easily. And no, traditional marketplaces like Zillow won’t give them that.

They need an agent that understands this type of investment and has the data all prepared, ready to go.

They need an agent that can share the hyperlocal knowledge with them about the market that they can’t find anywhere else.

They need an agent that can connect them to the rest of the team they’ll need to successfully run a vacation rental property.

These investors need boots on the ground in the vacation rental market they’re investing in because they are typically not present for 90% of the purchase. 

In other words, they need a PARTNER who can help them make an informed investment. 

Are you ready to be THAT partner agent?


If you’re one to spend your nights and weekends running buyers around, showing as much as 30 houses before the client picks 1…

IT’S TIME to work with long distance clients that don’t have the time or desire to spend nights and weekends looking at a dozen houses and more importantly, are willing to buy a home purely based on the numbers.

Question is…do you know the numbers?

If you’re one whose offer gets rejected or whose client financing falls through because they bought a new car a week before closing…

IT’S TIME to work with a clientele that does not have financing or approval issues as most are in an income bracket of earning over 350k per year of annual household income. 

Question is…do you know where and how to find this clientele?

If you’re one who submits dozens of offers that don’t get accepted… Or writes dozens of contracts and only half get accepted then spends more time showing even more houses only to keep repeating that same insanity cycle…

IT’S TIME to write competitive cash offers or strong financing offers with large down payments that entices the seller to say yes! 

Question is…do you know how to get the listing by doing income and asset valuations on non-residential properties?

If you’re one who utilizes the infamous “spray and pray” method of casting a very large net to attract any and all buyers and frantically trying to get back to and capture as many as you can with maybe only 20% that’ll convert?

IT’S TIME for a focused and targeted branding and marketing campaign that is centered around education and your knowledge that draws investor clients in organically; niche down and focus all your efforts on capturing all the small fish in the small pond and converting over 80% of them into sales!

Question is…do you have the knowledge, skills and certification to market yourself as such?

If you’re one who works with clients that “know it all” and don’t value your knowledge or advice or clients who use you as a tour guide and then buy the house with someone else (usually a friend or family member)...

IT’S TIME to face your loyal clients that see you as the go to expert and couldn’t imagine working with anyone else. You can now feel great about yourself because you’ve enriched someone’s knowledge base about your market and those clients are grateful to you knowing it added so much value and genuinely helped their purchasing decision.

Question is…are you confident and knowledgeable enough to face them?

If you’re one who spends thousands of dollars buying subpar leads from Zillow or other lead gen sites with a very low conversion rate or waiting for your broker to throw you a bone (leads) every now and then…

IT’S TIME to skip the need for a broker except to cut your checks as you are now qualified and trusted to work with other agent’s investor referrals from all over the country.

Question is…do you have the network to be able to do that?

If you’re one who spends hours upon hours trying to create social media content that will bring you in more business but usually results in unqualified buyers and little to no seller leads…

IT’S TIME to spend less wasted time on social media begging for buyers and instead using your knowledge to educate and magnetize new clients.

Question is…do you know the short- term rental language to be able to speak to and attract these investors?

If you’re one of the creative agents dancing for dollars on Tik Tok and fishing for the same exact clients as the other 90% of the agents in your market…

IT’S TIME to go after a completely different set of clientele than your market competitors will ever be able to attract making your competition completely irrelevant to you.

Question is… do you know how to go after them?

If you’re one who tries to keep up with what your competitors are doing and one upping them, always feeling like you’re a step behind…

IT’S TIME to bring yourself 5 steps ahead of your competitors at all times and then constantly trying to figure out how you’re closing all these big deals and working half as much as them.

Question is…do you have the expertise to separate yourself from the competition?

If you’re one who stresses out about where your next commission check will be coming from because you’re too busy working with all the leads you generated that you don’t have time to get back to any new ones (talk about 60-90 day cycles of checks but not consistent income- sigh)...

IT’S TIME to spend more time on lead nurturing and conversion to ensure no commission gaps in your pipeline, yay!

Question is…in order to do that, are you ready to invest in a better version of yourself to work smarter not harder, work less and earn more?


The average agent earns $38k per year and spends over 50 hours per week to earn that.

A Certified Vacation Rental Agent is attracting clients that spend upwards of $550,000 and spend an average of 1-2 days searching for the home in person.

Yes, it’s true.

In fact, many of these vacation rental investors buy homes cash and don’t even view the home they purchased until after they’re under contract.

Wouldn’t you like to work with easier clients that spend more money? Of course, you do!

The caveat? You need the EDUCATION, CREDENTIALS and CERTIFICATIONS to attract those clients.


The NEW Educational Opportunity
Available For Real Estate Agents Like You

Certified Vacation Rental Agent

CVRA (Certified Vacation Rental Agents) is a new digital training course that will educate and certify real estate agents around the rules, laws, and regulations in the Vacation Rentals Industry so agents can be working with real estate investors with confidence in all areas of the United States.

Here’s a snapshot of this training program, section by section:

CVRA Level 1: Where Your Journey Begins

Module 1: Understanding the Vacation Rental Market

The short-term rental industry has grown hugely in the past 10 years and knowing the key players, the patterns and trends, and the history behind the growth will give you valuable background knowledge.

Module 2: The Business of Vacation Rentals

The differences between the short-term and residential model of rental from a landlord/host and renter/guest perspective, and how to get a business set up and run effectively.

Module 3: The Vacation Rental as an Investment

The short-term rental industry has grown hugely in the past 10 years and knowing the key players, the patterns and trends, and the history behind the growth will give you valuable background knowledge.

Module 4: Understanding Income and Expenses

The short-term rental industry has grown hugely in the past 10 years and knowing the key players, the patterns and trends, and the history behind the growth will give you valuable background knowledge.

Module 5: Being the Buyer's Agent

What you need to know is to create a great relationship with the buyer from the initial consultation and arrange a viewing trip to close the transaction. Understand the basics of the vacation rental sale and factors that make it different from the residential sale.

Module 6: Being The Seller's Agent

How to value a vacation rental business and market it effectively through contract negotiations. Understanding how to get the most for your listing and create a track record that will land you vacation rental listings to sell.


  • Pass the CVRA course within 1 year with at least an 80%
  • Title and Digital Certificate of Graduate
  • Current continuing education for CVRA
  • Mentorship opportunities with experienced mentors


  • Complete a total of 3 vacation rental transactions within 2 years of passing the CVRA exam
  • Pay a $75 application fee
  • Face-to-face (ZOOM) interview
  • Title and Digital Certificate of CVRA Associate
  • Current continuing education
  • Access to the Vrolio referral network of investor clients looking to work with agents like you


  • *The CVRA Master level is our highest level and it’s an honor to be a part of this group.

    • Complete 8  more vacation rental sales (for a total of 20)
    • Pay the $150 application fee
    • Face-to-face (ZOOM) interview with our team
    • Title and Digital and Paper Certificates of CVRA Master
    • Current continuing education
    • Access to the CVRA Master coaching program where you can become a CVRA coach.


  • Pass the CVRA course within 1 year with at least an 80%
  • Title and Digital Certificate of Graduate
  • Current continuing education for CVRA
  • Mentorship opportunities with experienced mentors

This is HOW CVRA works:

Step1: Enroll and Begin CVRA Education

Agents who jump into our program will learn EVERYTHING they need to know to work with the most sophisticated and experienced investor clients using our online platform that includes 5 levels of certification and up to date training.

Step2: Take CVRA Exams and Get Certified

At the end of each level, as you pass the exams assigned and reach the requirements needed, you will be awarded a CERTIFICATION. Each level of certification will have certain requirements and exams/ interviews that need to be passed.

Step3: Join Our Vrolio Referral Network

As you receive your certification, you’ll now be given the opportunity to be a part of our referral network. The REFERRAL NETWORK is where our sister company, Vrolio, connects investors looking to invest in a vacation rental with experienced and educated agents like the ones graduating from our course.

Step4: Launch Your Business and Begin Earning

You will now be able to use the CVRA logo and certification for all your MARKETING and CREDENTIAL NEEDS, start connecting with a new set of clientele and generate a better income.

Step5: Continue CVRA Education and Gain Advantages

Your growth as a CVRA is endless. Keep your CVRA education up to date and increase your certification and expertise level for greater opportunities and network connections.

Erica Muller


Ours is a COMPLETELY UNIQUE training program that is unlike any other product on the market

How unique are we, you might ask…

First, CVRA is the ONLY vacation rental certification program on the market right now.

How to value a vacation rental business and market it effectively through contract negotiations. Understanding how to get the most for your listing and create a track record that will land you vacation rental listings to sell.

Second, real estate agents will learn only from the BEST, Erica Muller herself.

How to value a vacation rental business and market it effectively through contract negotiations. Understanding how to get the most for your listing and create a track record that will land you vacation rental listings to sell.

Price and Bonuses

CVRA (Certified Vacation Rental Agents) is a new 8-hour digital training course that will educate and certify real estate agents around the rules, laws, and regulations in the Vacation Rentals Industry so agents can be working with real estate investors with confidence in all areas of the United States.

Bonus #1 - Live Group Coaching Calls

6- (30 Minute) “ASK ME ANYTHING” calls – 2 calls per month with Erica.
($995 Value)


Two VIP Tickets to our Virtual AgentSTR Live Event in Fall 2022
($995 value)

Bonus #3 - AUTOMATE!

Take the time consuming task of tracking down income data off your plate and automate the whole underwriting process for you and your investor. Your investor client will think you are a complete rockstar when it comes to data and analysis on STRs.< Get 1 month of Vrolio data free with a CVRA membership.
($995 value)

Bonus #4 - SAVE TIME!

Get priority level support at Vrolio when adding your listings to their marketplace and showcase it to thousands of investors instantly upon publishing. Your support needs get bumped to the top of the list as a CVRA member.

Bonus #5 - CONNECT!

Access to a private group. Network, connect, and build your team of experts to help take vacation rental investors to the next level.
($995 value)


The Business Growth Bootcamp event includes
1 complimentary guest ticket.
(Value is $5000)

PLUS Over $10,970 Worth of Free Bonuses
When You Enroll in the CVRA Program!



*Price reverts on August 1, 2022



Or 3 Payments of $767.00

Secure Payments Through:


We are so certain that you will have everything you need to assist your investors in how provide expert advice on Short Term Vacation Rentals.

The Most Important Question:

Is This Program Right For You?

This program might be right for you, and it might now.

By now, you probably get a sense of whether or not this program can help you get the growth, financial security and freedom of time you want as a real estate agent.

If it’s right for you, that’s great!

If not, that’s OK, too.

This program is designed with a very specific, very particular set of potential students in mind.

Our most Frequently Asked Questions

There are five levels to the Certified Vacation Rental Agent program. In this program you not only have a chance to earn your certificate but through experience and deal flow you can level up and unlock new opportunities within the network and not only add an additional revenue stream to your real estate business but enrich and help agents across the nation specialize in vacation rental sales as well. 

Level 1- CVRA Student  
Level 2- CVRA Graduate 
Level 3-CVRA Associate
Level 4- CVRA Leader
Level 5- CVRA Master

Each CVRA level has specific requirements to reach the next level and each new level unlocks new opportunities to help grow your real estate career and define yourself as the vacation rental specialist in your market.

We do require you to hold an active real estate license to take the CVRA course and be a part of the CVRA network. If you are unlicensed and looking to take this course, please contact us to be added to the waiting list for our modified version specific to unlicensed investors and partners looking to expand their knowledge in vacation rental investing. When checking out, you will be required to provide your active real estate license number and will not be able to move forward with the purchase without it. 

We do allow you to match your experience with the course. Here is the process to test out of CVRA Level 1 and directly into CVRA level 3 or higher: 

  • You must first purchase the course and join the CVRA program.
  • You must have at least 3 documented vacation rental sales in the last two years to test into Level 3 (associate). 12 vacation rental sales in the last 3 years to test into level 4 (leader) or 20 vacation rental sales in the last 4 years to test into level 5 (master). 
  • Fill out the “testing out” application, there is an application fee to test out of each level. 
  • Take the CVRA exam and pass with an 80% or higher
  • Complete a face to face (Zoom) interview with a member from our team.

Once you have graduated to CVRA level 3 you will be sent an invitation to join the Vrolio referral network. Once you accept the invitation and sign all the paperwork you will be added to our agent database for your market and will go into a lead rotation to receive our investor client leads.

All CVRA level one students will be invited to our private CVRA Facebook group where you are able to ask questions and interact with other CVRA members and our team.

CVRA Levels two and above will get access to a live weekly mastermind call each week as well as the recorded previous mastermind calls for their level.

We offer a mentorship program to agents looking for transactional support on their first three vacation rental sales. 

We offer email support for all members for any kind of technical or account related issues.

There is a one time fee to purchase the CVRA course and gain access to the program which is listed on this page. This gives you lifetime access to the CVRA course and any revisions or updates we make to it. We update the price of this course twice per year to reflect new content and additions to the program so please check the pricing page here for our most current pricing: 

There is a continuing education fee of  $150 annually to access the annual continuing education curriculum which is updated each year and a requirement to remain at levels 3 or higher and use the CVRA logo in your marketing. 

There is an application fee to level up from levels 2, 3 and 4. Leveling up in the program is completely optional and does not affect your access to the level 1 CVRA course and graduating to Level 2. Each time you level up you gain access to new content and new opportunities within the program. You can view all the leveling up fees here: 

We believe fully in our product and do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. The way our guarantee works is that if you complete modules 1 & 2 and decide you don’t want to move forward, you can notify us within 30 days of purchase and we will refund the full amount. If you choose to move forward onto modules 3 and above during your first 30 days we do not offer a refund and consider you as an official student.

WHO This Program Designed To Help The MOST

You have been in the business at least a year and have knowledge of how contracts work and have already felt the PAIN of working with first time home buyers, primary resident buyers and other non-investor type buyers.

You want more control of your time and are seeking ways to make more money (the reason you joined real estate to begin with) and want to work with a higher end clientele and product.

You are already selling 100M in real estate but you have agents under you that you want to get trained in this in-demand niche to start diversifying and upskilling your team.

You want to avoid the burden of having to spend large amounts of money to generate a ton of leads to feed them.

You keep running into the same problem with investors wanting to buy investment properties but you don’t know how to evaluate or look up the regulations for short -term/ vacation rentals.

You love people, want to niche yourself and stand out from all other real estate agents.

You are working too much and want to stop trading so much time for too little money.

You are a glorified workaholic who wants the opposite- work less and earn more.

You are the smartest person in the room, the real estate expert and the only person you should ever call to buy or sell a home.

You are open to growth and invest in learning.

You may or may not have families to support, may or may not be doing this as a side hustle but would love to do it full time.

You are an investor yourself and have a license because it helps you save money when you buy houses.

Final words to you, fellow agent..

From Erica Muller herself:

I love working in the vacation rentals industry! It changed my life. 

It is such a fun niche and I’m constantly making great connections just from my own investor database.

I personally know that this is something that you can and will enjoy, too.

I also live on my own passive real estate income so I live the life of a real estate investor which I guess is my kind of person so we connect really well. 

Don’t we all want the same thing- passive income from real estate and not to have to work for money for the rest of our lives? 

Building generational wealth is our collective goal in CVRA and working with like minded people like that is huge. 

Talk to you soon 😊


Call: Brian Pavsek



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